Thunder Voices – Mama Mwenye Nyumba (****GetMziki Exclusive)


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One of the nominees for the “studio of the year” award in the 2010 Kenya Coast awards was “Thunder sounds” studio. They have been on the grind for a while now and its slowly showing by the number or artists they have signed and the number of songs they are getting major airplay on the radio.

We have people out there that say we don’t showcase upcoming artists or recording studios and although we would like to “support” artists we really have standards here at GetMziki and we don’t really showcase music just to promote artists since we always strive for quality and consistency in the content we publish. We have featured Thunder studios artists here with CLD, Ohzy and they are definitely doing positive things in terms of music production and artist management.

On this new track that features a couple of Thunder sounds artists going by the name “Thunder voices” in-house producer Amz enlists CLD, Jeffarizo, Lodyboy, Ohzy, Tee, Danidia, Sultan, Salis,Draft, Coolboy, Dazlah and Dodger for a great track. We have been getting tons of tracks from the camp and from what we have so far, the studio is on the rise to greater things.

“Mama Mwenye Nyumba” showcases the great music coming from the camp. The beat is catchy and everyone on the track comes out strong proving why they are signed to the stable.


listen to Mama Mwenye Nyumba below:


Click HERE to Download the track (RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS)


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