Ukoo Fulani – Ukoo Collection (GetMziki Exclusives ***)



U.K. Double O – None other that Kenya’s number one underground rap crew. I’ve been saying one day when i get the opportunity and time I would like to write something about all the members, but its difficult because I am not so sure who is who and how they all come together. Their Facebook page rounds up at least 6 main groups of which each contain a certain number of members : K-Shaka, Wenyeji, Wakamba Wawili, MC Kah, Mashifta, G-rongi, Ukoo Flani (MSA:-Nguchi P, Chiznbrain, Alai Kenti, Sharama, P.O.P, Lavosti, FUJO Makelele, Cannibal, R.I.C aka Jinamizi, Labalaa, Dr. Dunga, Richizee, Shaolin aka Grand Mantis.

So it’s safe to say Ukoo Fulani is not really a GROUP of artists its a MOVEMENT. Of course some members shine or stand out more than others but for most part these guys are all talented. They represent their hood in such a big way its fascinating what they have been able to accomplish for DANDORA as a place.

This track is hot off the PRESS and I am feeling it, each verse comes together so well and the beat thats blessing the vocals is off the chains too. Give it a listen and throw in your two cents.

listen to Ukoo collection here:


download the track here:


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