Ulopa feat Tatuu – Is it You (GetMziki Exclusive **)



I have to admit for the last one month or so I have been on hiatus. Its crazy sometimes Stato can kick your ass – and if you dont focus well enough you find yourself out of the train tracks and it can take you months to get back on track. That said am getting back into the hang of things and trying to process my inbox from all the music that has been sent over. I apologize before hand if I have been sitting or sleeping on your track and you may have sent it to me a long time ago.

Let me start off the week with this brand new Ulopa feat Tatuu, the track is title Is it you. We knew the day Ulopa was going to be churning his own hits was coming so its not unusual that he has his own track featuring artists this time round. Personally after listening to this song over and over again I have to admit its not growing on me as fast as I expected it to. Maybe I just don’t like the whole reggae vibe on this tune because it feels so stereo typical (lovers rock). I am sure some enthusiast out there are bumping to this track but unfortunately not me. I think if I was Ulopa and I am working on my debut album – I will want to GO HARD…. You cant have given all the beats to your artists and then save the worst for yourself. This Cat is mad talented, maybe my expectations are just too high for him… Anyway take a quick listen and let us know what you think.

listen to is it you here:


download the track here:


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