Vicmass Feat Octopizzo -Bank Otuch (Remix)


Vicmass Luodollar

We first featured Vicmass last year as one of the artists to watch. I’m sure most readers passed on the feature maybe thinking we were on “Hype” mode. However avid readers know that anytime we feature an “**Artist on the Move”, its because we have been monitoring his consistent grind and dedication and above all good consistent music that might not be on the radio or Tv but just good quality music.

Fast forward to May 2016 andVicmass grabs Octopizzo for the Bank Otuch remix that goes hard….

I don’t know any Luo, but the song is about Money. The delivery by both artists was perfect…

Pesa tang’o yawa (wachnegi)

Alando pile pile bend uwinja?

Mi ni papa uliza Winja

All black everything giluonga ninja

Money over everything, jaber, be iwinja?

Enjoy the song below:

Watch the video below:


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