I will make this post very fast and simple. If you are an avid fan of this website you will notice one key thing, we often or normally never advertise anything on this site. We are very picky and specific on artists, products, services and in most cases events. By virtue of our business model its not part of our social DNA to be involved with too many community out reach programs simply because its so hard to be everywhere and support everyone.

So over the few years we just decided to help/support very few people or initiatives that seem to align with the kinds of mission statements we want to be associated with. Actually with the exception of Kaz, Jamhuri Wear, Serengeti Record Pool, Blackstar Entertainment, Xtreeme Music Video, Decimal Records, Juzl Media and some companies in Uganda, Tanzania and Nigeria – we really just keep a low profile and prefer that the hype of the site is solely based on the hard core music lovers as opposed to a PR stunt.

However there are a few exceptions to the rule – such as KANJA. I will spare him the accolades today and the history. For today I need you guys who are in the US market to get your cellies out and vote for Kanja this Wednesday during WILD OUT Wednesdays on 106 and Park. To me this is bigger than what his actual skillz are this is about creating a platform for a lot of the African/Kenyan artists out there. This cat came on TV the first day and straight up claimed he was from Kenya regardless of his history and his residency. To me thats love beyond anything I can explain at this point. 106 and Park commands such a youth market in the US that the general viewership he had on his first show and to actually win that show – I can only imagine the type of attention this Wednesdays show will have.

THATS why we are giving him all we got for this week – no new ziks for at least 4 more days until Wild Out Wednesday is over.

Kanja Good luck – I wish out fans in Kenya could vote coz they are about 10,000 strong now – but rest assured they love and support you. Your humility is adoring keep it up and good luck.

Watch the Take it Video here:


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