Wakamba Wawili – Chukua Simu (GetMziki Exclusive **)



We have featured Wakamba wawili on GetMziki before they had a song called muzik ya soul and also full kipuwe featuring doobiez. But my sources in Kenya tell me that Labala and Angano have been killing the market with this banger called Chukua simu.

Whats funny is that the last time I was in Kenya – it was hilarious how guys used to flash all the time (the whole act of calling someone with no plans to allow them to pick up). In Tanzania this whole fiasco is called beep – una ni beep – meaning you trying to get me to call you back by calling me and hanging up. Frankly its annoying, to hear the narratives on this track just brought back old memories. I think Safaricom got so pissed off from subscribers flashing and beeping that they offered a complimentary “please call me – thank you” service.

So nowadays I email my friends whom I havent talked to in a while with “please email me thank you”

🙂 Enjoy the track

listen to chukua simu here:


download the track here:


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