Wally B – Karibu kenya


I don’t know much about Wally B, personally – but i met he’s producer Robert, who working on a couple of interesting projects.  I am being a little lazy so will just post hes bio below.

Artist & Model Walter Bruce Bonga also known as Wally B (pronounced Wo-lee- bee)

What type of music?

Wally B’s music is classified as broadly Hiphop. He believes his style is a sub- genre of Hiphop as it blends several different music genres which inspire him until this day. Some of the genres include Neo-Soul, Jazz, Reggae, DanceHall, and Taarab.

When did he start?

Wally first started recording music in 1999 straight on to audiotapes. In 2004 he dropped his first mixtape that rocked Komarock 3B and got him his first real

recognition. He then released a song in 2005, named D.I.D and then collaborated with an artist named Cyclone with whom they released a single named Paper under the group moniker Kalamity Militia. Paper got a lot of love from Y FM now known as Hot96.

They’re next releases were not to be, after a video director who they had contracted to produce a music video, flew out of the country with all their material and not a word to his clients. The story is told in his song Just Begun feat Dyverse off of his debut album B=(Mcs)2.

Where is he from?

Wally B was born and raised in Kariobangi-South and spent most of his early childhood there and this is where he first fell in love with Hiphop.


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