Brand New: Zanto feat Pingu – Binti Kiziwi


image courtesy of Busara Music

2008 has been a phenomenal year for many Tanzanian artists, it may appear that if you can sing and can hook up with a good producer then this was the year for you to settle scores and put out your hits. We saw many artists change their style from rap to more sing along songs, and r&b type of songs – so it comes as no surprise that you will fall onto artists such as Zanto and other more popular artists like Ali Kiba, Mb Doggy and one my favorites Mantonya.

This track is not necessarily new, its been out for a while – Binti Kiziwi, but its been hitting the East African airwaves more now than ever before. All these Tanzanian soul singers are taking Kenya by storm and it seems like there is no stopping them.

In other News rumor has it that TID is out of jail – // I cant wait to hear what material he will have up his sleeve.

listen to Binti Kiziwi here:


download the song here:

watch the video here:


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