Albino Fulani – Barua Kwa Mama



Before I start off, I really must confess that I’ve been banging to this track for the last couple of days like crazy!!!. With such hits, the sky’s the limit for African music. Babu Sikare Aka Albino Fulani is a Tanzanian artist who has been on the grind crafting hits and slowly but surely creating a name for himself as an artists and performer. Currently based in Columbus, Ohio, he’s hard at work recording his debut album “Albino Fulani” and has so far done songs with Mwana FA and Sugu II. This song is also part of the soundtrack to the movie “Baby Powder” which was produced by US-based Tanzanian film production company, Jake Productions and will be launched on November 14 in Atlanta. The cast of the movie mainly features East Africans living in the USA with Albino Fulani also playing a role in the movie.

On this track “Barua kwa mama”, which he dedicates to his mum, he talks about the loss of his mum in a very emotional way and at the same time creating a hit track. He’s also the founder of Afrobino where he raises awareness for albino issues and also raises money to help improve the quality of life of albinos in Tanzania. Shout outs to Alvin for hooking me up with this track. Great job on the video too!!!!

Listen to the Track below

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