Alindi feat Pro – Natafuta Chali (GetMziki Exclusive ***)


This track fell on our laps sometime last month but we’ve been waiting for Clemo to furnish us with more information about Alindi and unfortunately we think he’s been too busy. This track is too to let it fry up on our servers especially because we think there is something special about Alindi that Kenya needs right now in the Genge/R&B scene.

What I am particularly excited about is this whole new production style that Clemo has been capturing lately. Putting the samples aside for a while, I think Clemo has opened a new book called African instruments. There is so much culture and sound in his new beats to me I think its just phenomenal. Take this track for example, it almost feels like a chakacha/taarab inspired track. I can almost hear the Kayamba playing a
Clemo churns out another interesting track here. It has the unmistakeable sound of chakacha/taarab infused into it to accompany the genge/kapuka beat.

Hopefully Calif Records will send us most of their new artists profiles soon but for now enjoy the goodness from Clemo’s camp.

listen to Natafuta chali here:


download the track here:

watch the video here:


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