Allan Aaron – Wi Mutheru



Akorino gospel artists Allan Aaron has been making headway since June/July which is when I received this song. However I had no info on the artist, the origin of the song or even what it stood for so it made it difficult to post it up. The video just dropped on youtube (someone just uploaded it) so I figured why not sambaza the song.

Meanwhile DJ Dona who is still in Kenya enjoying has been bugging me out about this being the biggest Gospel song in Kenya (I dont know, thats what he claims lol). I am just glad that the Akorinos actually have a musical representative thats gone against the grain (more mainstream) and is getting acknowledged for that. Gospel music is currently the next big thing in Kenya – we have over talked that emergence here over and over so no need to get into that anymore.

However this video here just cracks me up, because you figure my image of the Mukorinos (as I used to call them), is these guys running up and down the city – spreading their gospel while stopping cars and stuff. Although I am made to understand that there is a different between the Akorinos and the Israeli.. Apparently the Israeli are the ones who go jogging down the streets with drums and dressed in white. I am not sure its been a while since ive experience either or the two.

Either way – many Kikuyu Kenyans will probably enjoy this track..


download the track here:

watch the video here:


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