Amani – Missing My Baby


image courtesy of Kilimanjaro Entertainment

Amani hasn’t released any new material officially yet, but we’ve had some of her classic songs in our database just sitting there – with no love. This is one of my favorites the beat, the guitar strings, the harmony and her delivery just all came together with style and class.

Sometimes am surprised how Wahu yanked that MTV base award – truthfully I have nothing against Wahu, but not with that song she sang, I honestly cant believe Africa voted for that song – I wasnt comfortable with that song being the marking scheme for Kenyan R&B or Kenyan vocal talent… I refuse, with all the love I have for her. Kwani what happened to the other songstresses in Kenya, people like PAM, Sanaa, Mercy Myra, Amani ,June Gachuhi – Then you have people Suzanne Owiyo, and Achieng Abura (who I think is the illest singer Kenya has – I saw her perform at Carnivore for like 2 hours straight mad respect). Anyway let me stop bitching…

Either way here is one of Amani’s classic joints – enjoy

Listen to Missing my baby here:


Download the track here:


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