Avril – Yule Dame



This is new from Kaka Empire’s singer Avril.

The song is a celebration of all the women working hard to achieve their dreams. “Yule Dame is a song that was written by Amileena and performed by myself. Immediately she sent me the song to sing I was blown away by the message because I could relate so fast and was sure that so many women could relate as well. I was extremely humbled to have all these super women from all spheres of life agree to be part of this project through the video because the song resonated with them. I hope that this song once heard, gives a woman out there the reason to dust herself off and move on regardless, ” says Avril.
Dj Space who produced the record had this to say
Yule Dame is a fairly new sound introduced to the Kenyan Music scene by Avril. The track is partly electronic and partly acoustic with a live feel. She has evolved musically and specifically vocally, hence giving her Female fans something to enjoy and celebrate femininity and women successes during this festive season. Avril is definitely the Kenyan and East African Diva to watch out for this coming year,”.



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