Big Kev – Nikiwa Down


Big Kev and Tracey (wifey)

I have to apologize for putting Big Kevs wedding picture on this post, but truthfully I couldn’t find anything close to what I wanted for this post. However one of the realities of that image is that, my image of Big Kev is just that – a well defined, well groomed, focused, intelligent, driven entrepreneur. Kev is one of the first few cats in Kenya to make big money from promotions, Ive had the pleasure of knowing him personally which is probably why this track surprised me more than it shocked me.

Close sources say this whole music journey was something that was itching him and he decided he wanted to get out of his system. Am conflicted about the career change (although temporary), but am compelled to say that I liked some of the songs I heard so much that I decided to publish my favorite one, which I just found out has a video (thanks Dickie). There are other interesting tracks on this album, however the sheer fact that I didnt know he was on a musical journey could be enough testament of the success or failure of this album.

This particular track was produced by Clemo – it was well deserved – and i serve it up to you guys.. ENJOY

listen to Nikiwa Down:


download the track here:


watch the video here:


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