Big Pin – Ilete (GetMziki Exclusive ******) Big TUNE!!!


Big pin
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One thing you will always be guaranteed with Homeboyz studios is that there is always heat in the kitchen. I was worried previously because I felt that once musyoka leaves Homeboyz there will be a decline in the heat making process. Lets face it, Homeboyz put the hip in the word hop as far as African/ Kenyan music is concerned. Musyoka has been the center point of most of these hits, between that time Ambrose worked in the same studios amongst other people like Gitchboy and others. But nothing sounds as interesting as products that come out of the FRIDGE (Thats the key studio at Homeboyz, the other is a studio called the OVEN)..

The minute I heard this track I said – DAMN Musyoka is at it again. Considering we are sumbuaing him on the other posts about his P-Unit crew and their current direction.

I’d like to retract this statement – I just got the 411, Freddie (a Musyoka proteje) produced this track. He is the same guy behind Yule Pale, and Leo ni Leo for Redsan… I understand he is working on the Big Pin project. Big ups Freddie – this is an awesome track, I guess you learned quite a few thing from the Fridge master!

I think its songs such as these that restore the faith in what GENGE is or should be. Ha ha ha thats such a contradictive statement but ill follow it with these thoughts. This BEAT is sick, the lyrics are sick, the delivery is sick and BIG PIN as USUAL is one of the few artists I will continuously respect. Crispin Mwangale (the late Mwangale’s son for those who didn’t know) is a good friend and probably one of the most humble dudes you’ll ever come across.

I want to call this track a Musyoka beat – coz for me it has all those signature beat arrangements that Musyoka has. Unless proven differently after this post.

Again I had to retract these statements coz I just got word that Freddie produced this track.

DJ’s FEAST YOUR ears and fans on this TRACK – this is goign to be the biggest track of the SUMMER!!!

ILETE (Bring it!!!) – the Beast from the East is BACK (representing South C to the fullest)

listen to ilete here:


download the track here:


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