Bigiano – Shayo [Sax Version] (GetMziki Exclusive ***)


image courtesy of Museke

If Hellon wasnt so busy with his nonsense with Esther I think this is some of the interesting creative work that the genius sax player would put his mouth into. I mean really, how crazy is crazy when crazy goes insane!! I cant believe i used to enjoy the Jazz sessions at Pavement with him and Aaron back in the day. Anyway not to be opinionated – because really I don’t care about that whole situation. I’ve actually sat on the back bench watching the drama unfold and deep down catch myself thinking this is a good thing for Kenya – yet again some random news thats taking Kenyans mind off the state of politics and poor Governance. (Am sorry sometimes i get political when I watch NTV news and half the coverage is about useless ministers talking about nonsensical issues in parliament – honestly its sometimes just saddening – when will Kenya learn, its the same cast different movie.. I mean these guys pass 2 or 3 bills a year if at most during parliament… anyway.. I think in kenya politics is a career move its not something you do because you want to become of service to the people. Its something you do because you want to better your own individual lifestyle.. ) URRRGH….. I digress am sorry. Am sorry. Am sorry sincerely apologize.

Back to Hellon. Actually scratch that no need to waste time talking about Hellon. But lets just say Kenya has Chris Bitok and people like Hellon who can really intertwine and collaborate with the Urban/Pop/Genge/Kapuka folks. I am yet to hear something as interesting as the track I’ve attached. (if there is anything out there please send it through). My man DJ Mighty Mike (Naija) has an entire album called AFROMENTALS which is a rendition of all African Tunes performed by an energetic sax player who just loves making remixes to popular African genre. This is the type of music your mom can listen to and be happy on a Sunday afternoon without the lyrical content.

Ive thrown in some bonus material towards the end of this post also. Enjoy! Arrghh Kenyan politics really makes me angry. But I was once told to be angrier at the people who elect the leaders 🙂

listen to Shayo sax version here:


download the sax version here:

Bonus material:

Watch the video here:

Get some uncut remixes of shayo:


download Shayo remix feat Vector, sniper, yun chido, illbliss:


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