BM Feat Awilo Longamba- Rosalina (Remix)


This is the remix to Rosalina by BM. The remix features Awilo Longamba. “Rosalina (Break Your Back)” by BM sampled Awilo Longomba’s “Karolina”.

Bolia Matundu came originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo. A Talented and a hardworking individual, Bolia amazed many people throughout his student life in various London schools and to crown it all, the young student was awarded the prize for the best among so many thousands of students.

Already he proves for all to see, just what he is capable of and nothing daunts him! He launches into a musical career, entering Carshalton College and obtaining his diploma in Music Technology in 2012. Even here he causes amazement, even in a city like London! After two great years in his studies, his followers, especially his family and friends, understand that BM loves challenges in his life and thirsts after absolute success. Very soon, as soon as possible, he formed a band DRT, in collaboration with two of his friends who wrote songs together. Despite the success his band had at the time, the band separated but BM continued chasing his dreams as a solo artist.

BM makes use of the many advantages that he has, in belonging to a country with a rich sound, thanks to its cultural diversity. He knows and fully understands, despite the influence of his adoptive country, that the mixing of two well established cultures will result in something considerable. He proceeds by exploiting the RnB musical style, placing the sound of his voice in the forefront with the words strictly in Lingala. This language is presently one of the four national languages of his native land and there is no doubt that the music and the songs he produces will be accepted in that country. BM will almost certainly be the Congolese artist who will convincingly succeed in making known the national language of his country and will make a success of the mixing so long taught after by his Congolese musical predecessors.
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BM Feat Awilo Longamba- Rosalina (Remix)


BM – Rosalina (Original Version)


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