Bob Junior feat Lady Jay Dee – Ng’ombe (GetMziki Exclusive ***)


If anyone here knew what a BIRINGANYA is I would give you TEN POINTS. Songs like these make me miss Tanzania soo much. The lyrical delivery is on another level. Essentially the dude says if he was a herds man he would have bought his shorty a cow, but he is a poor guy so he is growing Cilantro (YES YES Dania is is Cilantro lol). Maze I never thought I would one day be happy that I can actually translate all fruits in swahili.

And did this dude just say “ningekuwa na uwezo wa Rupia” ha ha ha ha if I heard him right it means he is saying if he had money like one of the wealthy families in Tanzania he would be straight. Anyway this track is classic…

“Ningekuwa Mfugaji wa wanyama, Ngombe ningewapatia ila mimi mkulima wa nyanya na bamia” Again 10 points for anyone who can tell me what BAMIA or BIRINGANYA is.. ha ha ha.. Please no calling your Tanzanian friends.

listen to Ng’ombe here:


download it here:

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