Brand New: Brenda – For Nothing (GetMziki Exclusive **)


I’ve been sitting on this song for so long – I cant call it new anymore. I do apologize because we seem to have some slight issues with some of our data storage servers but these efforts are slowly but surely being resolved. I am not sure who Brenda is, from my sources I gather she did a track with BIG PIN at some point…(Speaking of BigPin – he is in the US currently on tour, am sure he will be in a city near you pretty soon).

Either way am unsure how I feel about this song – as much as its a ULOPA NGOMA – I feel as though Brenda has like 3 lines through out the entire song. The hook is too repetitive, it feels like the chorus comes too soon so before I even realize what she is talking about … here comes the hook.

So I am not sure – I will sit out on this one for now, let you guys criticize the song. However she definitely sounds like she has a good voice…

listen to good for nothing here:


download the track here:


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