Brand New: Kaulaz – Malaika (Joint ya Chava & GetMziki Exclusive**)


image courtesy of Joint ya Chava Entertainment photobucket

That AUTO TUNE has been busy since T-Pain first blessed the production scene with it. It seems the Auto tune is busy in East and West Africa right now in a big way. This is Vyba killing it on this track, personally I dont feel the song, but other cats on the GetMziki Team have been up in arms about the track and I have been sitting on the track trying to fall in love with it but wapi!

I am not sure what I don’t like, the beat is phat – of course si ni joint ya Chava. But the delivery could be different or could’ve been better. Thats just my opinion. This is such a bubble gum song I guess thats whats so ordinary for me. But again like I said there are guys in my team who love this song and have been talking about it since Chava sent it over.

Let me know what y’all think. Kaulaz is an okay artists but on this track I think the delivery wasn’t satisfying.

listen to Malaika here:


download the track here:


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