Brand New: UB – Uwongo (GetMziki Exclusive***)


There is no way to do justice to this song other than to critically acclaim it in sheng first… //

Saa zingine mimi huamka kama nime mbao namanzi yangu hufikiria nimemnyonjia – UWONGO!!! ha ha ha okay thats a lie – but that’s ideally how this track has been structured. Around moments of false truths. UB – and the whole KGB crew kill me completely, not withstanding when you put them together with JOMINO what you have is an exhilarating experience.

This track is not only relevant lyrically, but the beat structure comes to connect with the production very well. If you can relate to swahili and sheng please listen to all the lyrics from start to finish – I am sure you will appreciate the delivery.

Kwani mimi peke yangu ndio husema UKWELI?

listen to Uwongo here:


download track here:


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