Camp Mulla – Feel No Pain (GetMziki Exclusive ***)


Camp Mulla

I need to drop this sick Camp Mulla track – I will sum this up as quick as I can.

I am an avid follower of producers, I think following producers for me makes more sense than following artists – I think 65% of Camp Mulla's successes is the guy behind their sounds. All songs are well arranged and provide a different version of Kenya that many folks haven't heard.

I mean this is not Kapuka, its not Genge, its not

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Hiphop – its just its own category. Dude reminds me of 40 (the man behind Drakes current success). 40 came out with a sound that just changed the music industry permanently. Musyoka, P-Funk and the likes did this in their time. But there is something different about Kibukosya (K,Cous) sound… maybe its just me but real talk listen to all Camp Mulla songs and you cant help but feel the harmony and the mood.

Anyway I love this jam – play it loud.

Listen and download the track here:


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