Chantelle feat Abbas -Tokelezea


This track is just ridiculous its not a club banger but I want to meet this chile so I can understand how she thinks coz really if there was an artists that I felt could go toe to toe with Mejja or Abbas it must be Chantelle. I guess the gist of the song is that she has come out (TOKELEZEA) but just how she says it with swag!! OMG … I wish many of you could understand sheng coz the first verse is just too much for me. But let me just attempt to put these lyrics here how I understand them… “Cheki vile hizo macho zimetokelezea, hizo haga zimetokelezea, sababu wanasema hati mimi nakula mbolea … Niko fresh bila cream sija toka Bel Air, natoka keja bila makeup sija podolea, nabado nina kaa poa nime tokelezea, nina bra na ma nipples zime tokelezea….”

Wicked Wicked this is now on my top 5 playlist right now. Can anyone provide Chantelle’s picture or something I need to see who this mama is – so I can salute this first verse.

From what I understand this track is part of a compillation album called Kapella, thats all the information I know – you can check out their reverb nation for more tracks and information:

listen and download track here:

Abbas feat Chantelle -Tokelezea by getmziki


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