Chiwawa – Millioni Kichwani (GetMziki Excluisve)


Chiwawa is one of those artists that have great skill, dedication and appeal but have never really gotten the props they deserve. Maybe it’s their persistence to make music for the streets and avoid the straight to radio singles in fear of being labeled a sell-out. Could it also be that they do music as a side gig and they don’t really care about the album sales, show performance money and everything else that comes with making money in the music industry.

It’s something I have strongly insisted and preached and if you are an avid reader of the site, you know it’s one lane I see lacking in various artists who never really jump into that “underground” artist mentality to mainstream success. It’s a discussion that we always have with my fellow djs and artists.

Chiwawa has numerous records, videos and projects out there but how many people can attest to owning a full length album or project from him. How do you expect new fans to hold onto your music and get to know your story telling ability and your music making skills. The music world is built on singles which eventually push it into album sales and tours. One thing Chiwawa has to do is make his vast music catalog available to the masses in an easily acceptable format.

Over the past years he’s had decent records that just lacked the necessary push and promotion to make those songs into hit songs

Millioni Kichwani, produced by my friend, Babz on the Track is one of those dope records that will either find themselves in a record executives bin trash or end up in every djs and radio station music playlist. I’ll be curious to see how Chiwawa handles the promotion of the record

Listen to the track below:

[audio: Kichwani.mp3]

Click HERE to Download the track (RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS)


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