Cloud Tissa Feat Risasi – Huyo Dem (GetMziki Exclusive)


Cloud Tissa, who has been featured on GetMziki before sent me his second album “Physically Fit” a couple of months ago and I’ve just been listening and marinating on the album to give it a non-biased critique. It’s no secret that, we have worked before and are continuously working on various projects but he still understands and values my honest opinions whether negative or positive. The second album, traditionally is a artists opportunity to transcend their original fan base, infiltrate the mainstream (if they haven’t yet done so) and create that global presence. A great sophomore effort can catapult an artist into the super leagues or kill the buzz stone dead. On “Physically Fit” Cloud Tissa definitely catapults his status to higher heights and the results is a great album that is must-listen CD!!!!!

The album features appearances from Wyre, Nameless, Kidum, C.L.D, Risasi plus production from Eric Musyoka, Robert “R Kay” Kamanzi, Julian Hruza, Kevo and Sos. “Huyo Dem” is the first official single from his new album and all I’m going to say is “stay in line now but please don’t start jumping on the bang wagon later on”.
We have been toying around with the idea of starting a system of rating albums here at GetMziki, just like the source has its “5 mics”. Cloud Tissa’s “Physically Fit” sophomore album gets a 4.5 mic rating in my books.

For more info on Cloud Tissa check out his website and to purchase a copy of the album click here. He also just released a promotional street album for free download with his past hits songs, never before heard music that did not make the cut on the new album plus snippets of the new album. Click here for the street album cover.

Click Here to listen to the Song Huyo Dem:


Click Here to listen to the Street Album:

[audio: Dona_Street_Album.mp3]

Click Here to Download The song Huyo Dem:

**Click here (right click and save as) to download The Street Album:

Watch the Video Below:


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