Dj Kill Bill – Mtaa Vinci Code #254THROWBACKS (*GetMziki Mixtape Fridays)



Dj Kill Bill released this mix yesterday and I have been bumping to it ever since. He’s been on his releasing some dope thought about structured mixes like the “Best of Nas” mix he released last week which I’m still bumping heavy.

I’m not hating but with so many djs structuring their mixes the same way (African Music-with 80% being Niaja tracks, Dancehall/Reggae Hip-Hop and EDM ), I’ve stopped listening to dj mixes unless it’s something different, specific and theme based.

Kill Bill can relate to that and instead of doing the same ol cookie cutter same songs/mixes that are featured in every dj set, he gives us some dope theme based mix. 254THROWBACKS is a really great mix that takes the listener through all the dope classics of Kenyan Music. Kill Bill also provides the track listing for everyone out there and visual graphics to accompany the mix, which makes mixes stand out from everyone else out there. For more of his mixes and the tracklisting to this dope mix check out his soundcloud page.\

Kill Bill, keep the theme based mixes coming…..


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