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This month we sorta decided to dedicate it into building local DJs and showcasing new music through a variety of mixes that some DJs had out there. I know there are bunch of DJs I havent featured and I apologize before hand. REAL TALK though is that all your mixes sound the same – I personally tend to focus on the stuff that just stands out from the crowd. The track list is the same and the mixing style is the same. Honestly its been a while since I have been impressed by any one DJ’s skills and for that I almost just stick to singles on genius on my ipod. This is not to say that there are no good DJs – DJs are there – but they all do the same things according to me. And even if they have skillz their skillz are never put to any level or capacity of test.

Take for instance a DJ in the East coast called DJ STURE (and thats stooreee and not Stua he he he). Sture is a sick DJ in my opinion, one of the best Kenyan DJs if you ask me in the US right now. He can do a variety of things with Decks that average guys who call themselves DJs don’t and cant do. However Sture is just Sture … no pun intended Sture but you know what I mean. DJ Sture hasn’t done anything exciting in a while, or more importantly he doesn’t have a platform that can continuously challenge him to get out of his comfort zone to be the best he can be. He holds down the East Coast and he is comfortable where he is. Sture is not alone even my own squad people like DJ Prime – people with candid skillz and crazy amount of potential and technique, they just tend to fizzle off and become complacent with who they are and where they are in life…(no pun intended to both these cats, they are both good friends of mine and I probably give them this lecture each month) but its just the reality.

So whenever something like DJ Allan Spinz falls on my lap, honestly I cant help but stay focused on the hunger the eager and the consistency. Allan Guto has been hot on GetMziki’s heels to listen to his mixes and post something, I mean the kid maintains a podcast that is consistently updated every few weeks or so. Visit his Podcast : But to me I am don’t necessarily think he is the best Kenyan DJ out there, I just think he has the potential to become one of the best. His approach to me has been fair game, aggressive and targeted. He didn’t give up, he kept going back to the drawing board and saying yo what about this mix. But far from that he also just didn’t give a fuck what I personally thought, he kept doing mixes for his online crowd each week and I watched him grow his fan base over time.

All am saying is the kids spirit inspired me and with that I post his mix today. There are other kids on the come up cats like DJ Dyme and DJ Mista Trixx who are bad news – I love how cats like TOD and CodeRed are handing the torch gently to the new talents. Cats like KillBill are already older now and they cant be measured on the same level but still the DJ landscape in the US has changed dynamically over the last 5/6 years I am almost impressed. Either way I think its time we did a DJ awards on GetMziki and put the accolades where they need to be. (One of these fine days).

But for now – enjoy Spinz mix, and Allan I apologize for giving your stuff the cold shoulder over time but your hustle got me inspired too and rest assured GetMziki will try and support your journey as much as you need.

listen to the mahewa mix here:


download the mix here by right clicking and hit save target/link as:

|DJ Spinz (Allan) – Mahewa mix|


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