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DJXP or better known as Opareeeeee!!! (pun intended on the Opare and not Opore) and I grew up together in Eastlando. So there’s a lot to be said about relationships that are inspired from the past. We went to the same church (Catho), same schools (Jogoo Rd), played on the same grounds , probably katiad the same chiles (Bosbori LMFAO), borrowed the same bikes from the same guys in the esto… So I could say we go way back.

What I enjoy the most about our relationship is that each year when we meet up in a new city, we usually spend hours laughing up old stories. Unakumbuka, Unakumbuka, unakumbuka are the metaphors that fill the air when am hanging out with this dude. So recently when I was talking to XP I was telling him unakumbuka unakumbua ile Mix ya Mixology ulinimekia iko na tereeereee tereeee, I couldn’t explain it so I had to go find it (and luckily I’d had a vault since 2001).

Truth be told this is one of his greatest work from a collections perspective. Listening to this mix today I realize that DJying is a dying art or maybe a changing art form. Years ago when XP made this mix it made me feel the same way that I have felt this morning listening to the music on this set. I say DJ is a changing art form because I rarely listen to mixes today that make me feel a certain way.

For what its worth I am sure for the few who had listened to XP’s old sets when we was doing MIXOLOGY – you will appreciate this one.


Listen to the mix here:


Download it here :


ps. Image selection on this post was selected from reflective of his quirky nature


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