Exclusive: Mejja, Madtraxx, Jimwat – Mezesha ***


Ive been meaning to post this song for a long time but I had too much going on and somehow I lost the track in my mailbox. I will continue to salute this dynamic trio for as long as they keep making good music. Somehow I have a strange feeling that they are working on an album, if that’s the case for what its worth I will be the first to get the first copy. Their first hit track Round hii was just sick, I played that song until my ipod died.

I never thought I would see the day Georgie would be an artist, but I knew he would be one of the best DJs in Kenya. Mejja and Jimwatt just add to this lyrical battle and Clemo keeps closing in the phat beats… Mezesha is a song on steroids.. I cant get it to stop playing on my ipod – Keep up the good work gentlemen.. Keep it up.

listen to mezesha here


download the track here:


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