Feza Kessy – Amani Ya Moyo



Okay lets start this post in with a Bang. ONE word. HOT!!
Feza is HOT! period, I think she is hot, watching that video I get distracted by her beauty and I dont know why, maybe its the red hed – who knows but shorty is fine.

Okay now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, truth is lately I’ve been feeling like the general progression for any individual whose been to Big Brother Africa is to become a singer or some type of entertainer or presenter. Why cant folks just be the normal people they are prior to BBA? I am not saying anything about Keza, am just saying its quite obvious that the selection process or vetting process for BBA is a little flawed or skewed.

That being said – because I am distracted by Feza, I think this song is a banger, I love the video, I love the whole idea of the song but more importantly I am just happy that for once my people are speaking good English lol. The beginning half of that video had be cracking up man… Good stuff.. Enjoy this banger here.


watch the video here:


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