Frankie Joe ft. Collo – Diamond Girl


Frank Rukundo a.k.a. Frankie Jo is a Rwandan born artist who is currently living in Canada and has been pursuing both modelling and music. I stumbled on the track while visiting one of the many blogs I have bookmarked. I don’t really know so much about Frankie apart from the fact that he has done a couple of collabos with Kidum and has been in the music industry for a few years now

From what I can gather, this song was released a while back but they just released the video a few months ago. “Diamond Girl” was produced by Super producer Robert Kimanzi and features King wa Rap Collo. I couldn’t help but notice the similarities in the kicks and snares with P-Units “Gentleman”, which was also produced by Robert. “Diamond Girl” is the type of track that can be appreciated by music fans and critics alike. The main question is can Frankie Joe distinguish himself from all the R & B artists out there.

Listen to the track below:

Watch the Video Below:


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