GBO – DTA and Addict (GetMziki Mixtape Fridays******)


It's another edition of Mixtape Fridays. We've recently been getting numerous emails from artists doing their thing and we will try and showcase some of them in the new few weeks. One thing that drew me to listen to his tracks is that he did not proclaim that he's song was the hottest thing in the streets now like some emails we get. Kudos to GBO!!!

Upcoming artists should add this to their “tips for upcoming artists”; Please do not send out emails trying to convince us that your music is the hottest thing out there now. We get numerous of such emails and they usually find themselves in the trash folder. If your music is hot as you claim it to be, we would have found your music and who you are by now. In addition, please be patient once you send us your music. Do not start asking us questions like “When are you gonna post my song” or ” why are we Artist A or Artist B and my music is hotter than theirs”. Be patient. To close it out, do not send emails blasts to all djs and radio stations, post it on your Facebook or Twitter and think your work is done. Wrong!!!!. You have to network and show that commitment level.

According to GBO’s profile, he was born and raised in the East African city of Nairobi, Kenya, I started writing songs at the age of 10, inspired by parallels in the urban lives of the people around me and those in the media. 12 years on, I am still writing and performing, growing every day as an artist. I am currently working on 3 EPs to be released within the year. The first, “The Birth of Me” is expected early November. The rest of my story is yet to be written…

What do I think of GBO. He's doing the right things by slowly entering into the over saturated music industry, without selling out in any way. He has a good flow, and great good content. His track “addict” is a story telling track that I believe summarizes who GBO is. That track is crazy and the message, with the way it's delivered was perfect. keep on the hustle GBO.

Listen to the DTA track:

Listen to the Addict track: