Brand New: IGHO ft Terry G – I Got Da Perff (Shayo Yapa)



Our new contacts are starting to prove themselves undoubtedly the kings in Naija music, I like the fact that we get to sample all these hits and then pick the ones that we think will cross over. Over the few months we have been slowly trying to expose our audience to a larger breadth of music, we believe the fact that Naija tunes are growing at a phenomenal rate and the quality of the music is ten times better than average African tracks – this will make the overall African Urban music market up its game.

Our partners dropped this brand new IGHO joint called I got da Perff. The song is on fire, high energy, octane type of shit. Igho is not only a song writer, director or producer he also is spitting these Naija rhymes and its turning out to be a killer combination. Terry G is another aspiring killer artists in Nigeria but this collaboration is what we been talking about – Naija music is taking over Africa, it doesnt even matter if you cant understand the language – the shit just sounds damn good, makes you want to move something in your body.

Enjoy the track

listen to I got da perf here:


download the song here:


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