Instrumentals Updated: Sikupenda Kwangu, Niko Poa, Mishuma…09/30/09



I have to apologize to you guys since we have been slightly slow in posting hits this month (Sept), its not because we don’t have the music, its mostly because we have been caught up with maisha so trying to reorganize life in order to get back to posting songs on a regular is becoming a challenge. We also have been looking for a contributor from Kenya because we need someone who is in the know about whats happening with all these local artists and the new music coming in from Kenya. We need your help (send info to

So far we have Naija and Tanzania on lock, we will soon launch both sites before the end of the year. We have enough music from both countries to support two new independent sites. Don’t worry you will still be able to get all those songs here. However I also have a lot of instrumentals I have been sitting on that I will try to share over the next few weeks. Lets see if we can start with this first batch.

Thanks for making us the number one destination for hot new East African urban music.

listen to Mejjas niko poa instrumental here:


download Niko Posa instrumental here:

listen to sikupenda kwangu instrumental here:


download sikupenda kwangu here:

listen to Mishuma instrumental here:


download mishuma here:

listen to Calvo’s yule Kijana instrumental here:


download yule Kijana here:


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