Ivory Namara Feat Kelvin – I See You


I didn’t know anything about Kenyan Ivory Namara until a few months ago when I heard this record. Ivory was one of the contestants in the airtel trace music star competition who made it to the top nine. When I heard this record a few moths ago, a couple of things stuck to me instantly. One was the amazing tone and voice of Ivory and the natural feel good emotion in her voice. Two is the production on the record and the final mastered products. Fast forward and I have a folder of Atwal records that consistently get played in my music playlist. Remember the Name people: Atwal

Why lie, If I had a record company both Ivory Namara and Atwal would be on my list of an artist and producer to sign. I know haters are gonna hate and say the sound in “I See You” sounds like ABC’s sound, but I’m all about good music, quality production and the ability to create overwhelmingly consistent listening to records.

“I See You” is one of those records you can consistently listen to.

[Download the track here:]


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