Jackie Chandiru – Don't Call His Phone (GetMziki Exclusive****)


It's been exactly one year since we showcased Jackie with Gold Digger which went on to become a club banger. I'm sure it's still one of the “have to play” records among many djs. I will not get into so many details but I remember one good dj friend of mine thought I was just hyping up the song, only for the song to crossover to become a dance floor packer. Till this day, he's always amazed on how the team at GetMziki does it. It's not just by coincidence. We showcase hits months or even years before everybody else.

If you have “Gold Digger” on

constant repeat for a while, you can give it a break and start playing “Don't Call His Phone”. Here is an excerpt when I posted the “Gold Digger track”. “Jackie has been churing out hits as a solo artist and she’s one of the females who’s ruling dancefloors in East Africa”. The song title and lyrics perfectly summarizes the track, where Jackie talks about leaving her man alone, since he's busy with her.

I said he’s busy with another girl,
Just don’t call his phone…
Jackie the dynamite! Washington! …the girl is me…
Get out the way, get out the way, get out the way, move!

Do we have another future banger!!. Don't say I didn't tell you 😉

Listen to the track below: