Jaguar – Kigegeu (***GetMziki Exclusive)


We have featured Jaguar On GetMziki before with Nikuskize and Tayari and his camp just sent us this new single “Kigeugeu” off his upcoming album.

One thing I admire about Jaguar is his humble persona and also the fact that he’s so heavy on the streets and really building his musical catalog by staying relevant in the Kenyan music scene. It’s so funny that just the other day we were having this discussion among the GetMziki team about how artists mature and become megastars after being consistently on the grind with the average consumer not really knowing that they have paid their dues. A good example is everybody now is bumping to Wiz Khalifa’s “Black and Yellow” crossover hit and thinking he’s a “new artist” while in fact Wiz has been grinding for the last ten years with his music catalog spanning hundreds of songs. Jaguar is one of those artists who’s really maturing positively and expanding his fan base.

I can definitely see this track being a dance floor packer in the next coming months. It’s one of those songs that just wanna make you start nodding your head to the beat. I’m sure most dj’s will be adding this track on their crates and playlists. On the flip side, I’d really like to hear Jaguar on a Musyoka 2010 beat, since although record companies especially In Africa like keeping everything in-house in terms of beat selection, producers, mixing and mastering, it somewhat limits them on experimenting with different sounds and song BPM ranges.

Listen to the lyrics too, since I’m sure everybody here will relate to the things Jaguar is talking about.


Listen to the track below:


[CLICK HERE] to Download the track (RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS)

watch the video here:


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