Jaguar – Kigeugeu (Wawesh Refix – GetMziki Exclusive ***)



Am going to make this post real quick coz this week I have a lot of things going on and there is a whole gig of music I am sitting on. Wawesh and I are working on something exclusive for the producers, on this list of people I am hoping to work with closely with some other heavy weights in the region but this project is to be released soon so watch out for it.

Part of the inspiration to get that project moving has been these monthly hits that Wawesh puts together, just to get the market all excited and rallied up behind what I want to call GOOOD music. Wesh has done a few refixes in the last 4 months but I’ve only had the chance to share two this being the third and my favorite of them all. Its nice when you can actually get a renowned producer to start doing fun projects that have nothing to do with revenue and have a lot to do with pushing the artists (even when the artists is not in his camp). I mean this track is just a FEEL good track, its like Wesh was in the studio and heard Kigeugeu and figured he can do something interesting with the track and he did. I love that about our community and I am hoping in the true spirit of creativity this continues to grow beyond what it is today.

Traditionally DJs would do remixes or mashups over other beats, but to get a producer to actually create fresh beats, sample old school tracks and just make the music is something I find compelling. To me this can actually start making me question the original TRACK lol… I love these refixes Wesh keep em coming and lets keep building this ecosystem. We need more material, and more importantly we need more good material. I cant get enough of how you ended this refix – TEN NIL.

listen to kigegugeu refix here:


download the track here:


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