Jimmy Gait – Huratete (GetMziki Exclusive ***)


image courtesy of Museke

Gospel sensation Jimmy Gait has been on the uprise for the last 3 years since he released his hot Gospel single in 2008 titled Wakati which was off his debut album Muhathara. Funny enough I had heard wakati but I didn’t think much of it – thats just my personal take. But apparently Nairobi was crazy up in arms for that track (I’ve thrown it here just for the amusement factor and to compare and contrast wakati with this Huratete track).

I’ve been playing Huratete for a few days now, and while its not a new song I think its one of those tracks that will be around for a while because it has a timeless beat. The lyrical content and deliver is up to par (as much as auto tune is in play, or some sort of voice enhancer). I think Jimmy was in the hit Kenyan/ MTV feature film “SHUGA” partly with that other character called Leo (funny enough all jamas called Leo are handsome jamas ha ha ha ha). That Leo guy on SHUGA really sumbuad some chiles as I understand he was the hottie of the documentary. Either way its just nice to always know your nemesis is representing your name clan in good light. Anyway I digress. Here is Jimmy’s hit track.

ps. Does anyone know what HURATETE means?

listen to Huratete here:

Download the track here:

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watch the video here:

Bonus Material:

listen to Wakati here:

Click HERE to Download the track “Ihale” (RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS)


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