Judith Babirye – Wanjagala


I get tons of “music related” emails everyday whether from artists or producers sending me music or djs requesting music. Most people are region biased when it comes to what they listen to or groove to which means they miss out on the great music coming from African continent.

One of the emails I got this week was from one of the djs aksing me what was hot in Uganda right now in terms of Gospel music, since he was going to dj at a wedding and he needed some Gospel dance floor packers. I sent him a couple of songs and on that note decided to showcase Judith Babirye. If you’ve never heard of Judith before, then its about time you start venturing out of you music comfort zone to listen to that great music out there.

Judith Babirye is a power house in Uganda gospel circles and her past hits include Nzijukira, Newaayo and Yesu Mulamu. She’s a big figure in Ugandan Gospel music just like Esther Wahome and Ruth Wamuyu are in the Kenyan Gospel scene. Here is one of her quotes when asked about her music. “I thank God who makes me sing music that touches people. Many of my fans shed tears of joy in churches after listening to my music. I feel blessed.”

” Wanjagala” is a great record that is a hit all across Uganda. ‘Lwaki Mukama Wanjagala…bino ebyensi abanji byebawanawana sibirirna…Sirina kalungi kona…naye Mukama Wanjagala’

Listen to the track below:


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Watch the Video below:


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