Juliani – Biceps


image courtesy of Nation Digital Edition

Ive had this song for a few weeks but I didnt know how to classify it or where to position in terms of style. Then funny thing happened last week when I was reading Buzz Magazine, I stumbled on the lyrics page and they actually featured the lyrics to this song – so I figured, here is my angle.

Juliani is an upcoming artists from Kenya whom I draw a lot of comparisons with a Tanzanian artists called Inspekta Haroun if anyone has heard of him. They sound the same and flow similar, I would probably put this artist into the Ukoo Fulani bucket because the uptown – urban hiphop beats over classy Sheng and swahili hooks seems to be a well defined Ukoo style.

Either way this is an interesting Kenyan hiphop song enjoy it here

listen to Biceps here:


download the track here:


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