K-Letta – African Girls (***GetMziki Exclusive)


Everybody is busy trying to get things organized on the back end. We have a couple of things in the works including a “30 songs in 30 days” challenge. We should have everything rolling out in the next few days. You don’t wanna miss that!!!!

As we were going through our emails and songs, one of the songs we wanted to dish out there as an appetizer is the new track from K-letta, where he really shows his vocal range and diversity. The “African Girl” theme has been done by various artists and when artists try to recreate their own versions people will always compare with what’s out there. A good example is the “African Girls” that we just posted a few weeks ago. I however wanna give K-Letta props for a new creative way to do a song that now has a million covers. My advice to artists is so stay clear of the A.G tracks.

The production on African Girls comes courtesy of veteran producer Silvastone beats.

From the press release “Be on the lookout for The Mr. K Dash EP a precursor to the album, as well as forays into the wider entertainment world with his company Origarmi Boy Ltd”

Listen to the track below:


Click HERE to Download the track (RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS)


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