K-Letta- Lemme Know



Nearly three years has passed since we last featured K-Letta on the site with ‘African Girls”. Back then his EP was about to drop but I never hard anything back. His latest official single from his forthcoming EP ‘Back 2 Basics’ was produced by Produced by Nairobi (Rap Damu) for Pacho Entertainment.

Origarmi Boy Presents the brand new single ‘Lemme Know’ by K-Letta. Produced by Naiboi (Rap Damu) for Pacho Entertainment.

Released to Radio on 4th May, 2015…

After a long hiatus, artist, songwriter, entertainment entrepreneur K-Letta returns with a bang! Effortlessly riding this smooth, fresh sounding number he sounds like he’s not missed a step. If this first single is the yardstick then his forthcoming EP ‘Back 2 Basics’ will definitely be worth the wait and an exciting listen.

This is a decent track and a bouncy beat. It’s not ahit record but I can see people vybing to it.

[Download the track here:]


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