Kanja – Its My Time


I always ask myself if I was an artist, what would I do to reinvent myself, how would I reinvent myself and remain relevant in this ever changing times. Sometimes I think when you look at yourself as a brand you have to stop and start critically analyzing how your moves today will impact your music in like 5 years. Its an interesting paradigm but I think for most part everyone should look at themselves as a BRAND.

Kanja has been reinventing himself slowly if you haven’t noticed, for starters he dropped the “African King” I could be wrong but I think this was a good move. Kill the haughtiness and embrace the new – the music world is about collaboration and strategic partnerships. And this I think Kanja has embraced really well over the last few years. Lastly I think just the sheer fact that he seems to be standing on his own (meaning without Naomi) we are now getting to see who he really is. I think Naomi shadowed a lot of his capabilities and made it difficult for anyone to truly judge his music. It felt like a duo when essentially they were individuals who just collaborated on a few tracks. This new tests are transforming themselves in form of this Banger called Its My Time…

Overall I think the growth I see in him, I wouldn’t be so surprised if he scored a record deal sometime very soon. Right now he is on my number 3 list of the hardest working artists in the Diaspora. Bless my brother, do your thing!

listen and download the track here:

Kanja – Its My Time by getmziki

watch the video here:


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