Kaz – Run Run Run (GetMziki Exclusive ***)


It’s no secret that GetMziki has been backing up Kaz for a few years now, its not really a big deal, it happened magically one day we discovered Kaz when she was hosting some Karaoke shows at the Intercontinental hotel in Nairobi. This was before the project fame successes and the album hits. Since then we knew that we would want to play a part in ensuring her music had legs wherever she went. Her Journeys can be found separately at www.kazmuzik.com – however Kaz has been busy wrapping up her sophomore album conveniently titled “The Naked Truth is…”

We have sampled at least half the album which includes tracks recorded in the US and Kenya mastered and produced by a wide array of producers by far we have to admit this is going to be an interesting journey for Kaz. Her style has completely changed and on a few tracks such as the attached and featured track you can tell her demeanor totally different. I have had the honor of sitting down and spending time with Kaz for a while, overtime you will realize there is a small little fierce rapper yearning to come out and be a part of the Nicki Minaj, Lil Kims, Lauren Hills and so forth. Kaz admires the STL’s and has always felt she can fit right into that genre if given the opportunity. I personally don’t think its a smart move but creatively it seems to allow her to express so much more and cover so much more ground musically – Its like a FEMALE/ Local DRAKE which I applaud.

So in honor of her new style and album approach here is Run Run Run which was produced by Mandugu Digital – Please let us know what you think. Kaz is an artist we support and as such we would highly appreciate all feedback given. We think this journey as risky as it feels its very promising and we are actually loving the single which is getting a lot of airplay in Kenya currently.

Enjoy the track here

listen to Run Run Run here:


download the track here:


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