Khaligraph Jones – Mazishi



How time flies. Four years ago, we had K Jones as part of the 2012 Top Freshmen…..

Here are some excerpts

Next Steps: Khaligraph already has a mixtape coming out so I would definitely suggest some more videos and some versatility. He mentioned to a while back that he would like to work with K Cous of Camp Mula why not actually make it happen!

Missing pieces to improve on : Everybody appreciates his exceptional rhyming, but the industry is a large market and he can switch it up to cast his net further.

Since then Papa Jones has matured as an artist and is one of the top Hip Hop artists in Kenya as we speak…..

The audio was produced by Big Beats Afriq and Ricco Beats and the Video By Johnson Kyalo.For more on K Jones songs on the site click here

Listen to the audio below:

Watch the video below:


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