Kitu Sewer Feat Saint Evo the Myth and Kali D – Ring Alarm



Kitu Sewer has been called the Godfather of Kenyan Hip-Hop with such classics as Pesa Pombe, Wanasiasa, System ya Majambazi and many more. You really know you have fans out there when even top acclaimed rappers say you are the best lyricist. I was recently watching one video where Kalamashaka said that Kitu Sewer was one of the best lyricists in Kenya.

On this latest offering, Kitu Sewer jumps on a Dub-Hop type of beat. Dub-Hop is a music genre combining Dubstep and Hip-Hop and was pioneered in the West Coast and UK. The end result is a record that excels in walking a fine line and being a tremendous listen. I’m really impressed how Kitu Sewer, Saint Evo the Myth and Kali Dare now breaking the “genre” barriers and are simply crafting the music that they want to create. Music fans out there who wanna know the producers and mastering on the record

Lyrics by: Kitu Sewer & Kali D
Produced & Conducted by: Evo aka Saint Evo
Managed by: Jacob Ngunyi
Mastered @ Celsius Degree Ent.

Listen to the record below:

Click HERE to Download the track (RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS)

Watch the Kalamashaka Interview Below:


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