Brand New Music: KNAMI – Wadhii wa Mtaa


The last time I posted a song from some Kenyan artists in the US I got so much heat, I almost wanted to stop posting and showcasing Kenyan talent in America. My message on that post was lost in transition as the local jamas or friends of Skool Fizz lost it and went balistics in protest over my comments.

However this site exists for the masses so let the music critic continue, its with these comments that we make or break an artist and essentially we get to know how the Genge/Kapuka scene in the US will turn out.

That said Patrick sent me this track earlier today, which features Juju & Knami (K-Locs) – KNAMI is a new aspiring artists based in KC who together with his peeps chopped up and produced this track in the home studio (remember my previous comment about how artists in the US have so much access to tools and can afford to gamble with tracks – this is a classic example of that statement, where hits are being born from the bedroom,from the kitchen and videos are being made in one weekend in the streets)

To be perfectly honest, I prefer this song to any other song I’ve heard from a Kenyan artists based in the US. The beat is straight up Southern, but lyrically without the repetitive jingle “wadhii wa mtaa” I think finally someone has some content that makes sense with the song and it actually flows. From my perspective I would say Tshazi watch out… And Mad traxx watch out ha ha ha .. here comes KNAMI.. and these jamas actually live in the SOUTH – KC so if they tap into the culture there they actually can come up with some interesting sounds and style… Big up to KNAMI and your crew.. keep it up.

listen to wadhii wa mtaa here:


download the track here:


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