Longombas feat Lulu Kibaa – Body 2 Body (GetMziki Exclusive ***)



Somewhere in America while Miley Cyrus was twerking – Longombas was making new music and more importantly Lovy was getting signed into a major label. Pulse Writer/Producer I cant really get into the details of how big a deal being part of Pulse recordings is, nor can I get into the full disclosure of what tracks he’s laid for some major heavy weights.

what I can say however is Lovy is truly blessed and soon enough when he decides to share his story with the world, I think it will be a testament for you anyone that you too can make it in the US/Entertainment industry, if you put your mind to it and your heart to it. Personally I am still glad to call him my friend and more importantly just to know that we can bonga sheng still without the impact of change and shock of success.

Moving on swiftly – here is some brand new Logombas feat Lulu – enjoy

listen and download the track here:


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