Magwair feat TID – She performs (GetMziki Exclusive **)


Mangwea, Mangwair, Ngwea or Ngwair – it really doesn’t matter how you spell it the man is till the same. His real name though is Albert Mangwair and he comes from my hometown Dodoma – Tanzania, although he lives in Dar es salaam. Ngwair has been making hits since 2003 when he hooked up with P-Funk, I’d say he owes his entire musical career to P-Funk for blessing him with track such as “Mikasi”, “Ghetto Langu” and “She Got it Gwan”

This track however which he has collabod with TID (who apparently is out of Jail finally got pardoned by the Tanzanian president). Seems like a bold attempt at going the Logombaz route, which is singing in English. I think its a dangerous thing as an artist to get out of your zone to try something totally different – sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. You cannot compare yourself to Kanye, 50 Cent and the likes who can afford to challenge their careers.

I think this was a huge risk but we will see if it was worth the effort, because to me it now means you are ready to be measured against other Western artists (ideally the whole world can understand what you are saying now). I admire the move and almost definitely commend the duo for going after this track in this way. Ive known TID for a while so I know he has good English, but for Mangwair to flow throughout the entire track, I think it shows that – Bongo Flava artists can go either way, they just chose to stay within their comfort zones.

They both performed this track so effortlessly – Let me know what you think because I have conflicting feedback about this journey.

listen to she performs here:


download the track here:


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